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Bike Shop Discounts

Discounts that we receive from the bike shop and eateries is a gift that they give to the Springbike Club members. The rule is plain and simple - if you want the discount, please show your membership card at time of checkout.  Make a photo of it on your phone or print a copy and carry it with you in your money container. If you have lost your card and need a new copy,  Brandon Freeman and he will send you out a new one. Enjoy The Ride! Tony Miller

Online membership/renewals

Our online page which uses PayPal is now up. Here it is. (Of course you can still join/renew by mail).

Volunteer Page

If you want to help make our events successful, navigate here and see how you can help. You would be surprised how many people it takes. We ask every member to forgo one ride a year and volunteer. It can be a lot of fun too.

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(We always need a new one - anyone can nominate someone, just supply me with the details!)

Check out our Special Interest Pages! If you want to start a Special Interest Page, send Dave an email with the details.

Join Springbike! You will find truth and knowledge! (Lot’s more...) Members electronically receive “The Tube,” a monthly newsletter (see archived copies here), participate in club-sponsored rides and events, and receive a 10% discount on bike accessories at local participating Bike Shops  Check out all the upcoming events here...

To join Springbike, simply fill out this fill out this form (Word or .pdf) and return it to us, come to our next meeting or ride, or do it online here. Need more information? Try our About Us and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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Upcoming Rides and Events
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Monday November 10 at 6:30 - Springbike’s Monthly Meeting

It’s at the Springfield Brewing Company. Our speaker is David Dade, RD/LD, Wellness & Sports Nutritionist- CoxHealth Fitness Centers.

David earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Oklahoma. He has been a Registered Dietitian for 22 years with his career practice emphasizing wellness, cardiovascular, and sports nutrition. David's interest in nutrition and fitness began with his competitive wrestling and the need to balance weight control and performance nutrition. David believes nutrition and fitness are the cornerstone of health and wellness. He enjoys helping all develop a practical nutrition plan taking into consideration one's current health, lifestyle, and personal goals.

David's credentials include: Registered Dietitian (RD) with the Commission on Dietetic Registration and American Dietetic Association, Licensed Dietitian (LD) with the State of Missouri, Certification in Adult Weight Management, Certification in Child and Adolescent Weight Management, Registered Wrestling Official with Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), Certified Coach with the National Federation of State High School Association and National Youth Sports Coaches Association, CPR and AED.

  Join us at Springfield Brewing Company; upstairs, food available at 6:00 p.m.

We have a President, but...

 we still need a secretary. Steve Raper (our current Secretary) has stepped up to take the top spot of our 2015 Officers!

It’s official--Missouri WILL have a 2nd cross-state trail

Ameren has agreed to railbank the entire Rock Island line from Beaufort (near Washington, MO) west. That means Missouri will have a SECOND cross-state trail--the 213-mile Rock Island Trail--to rival the Katy Trail. When complete, The Rock Island Trail State Park will interconnect with the Katy Trail in two places, making an amazing 453-mile trail system stretching across Missouri. Click here to read all the details and see the maps.

The season is over... or is it?

Wow - it’s really a formal editorial - the first in a very long time.

Well, the Bike MS ride is over and to many folks this marks the end of the riding season. Well, some people think so, and if you ask your local bike shop they’ll probably tell you that business really wanes after the Bike MS ride. Sure, it’s one of those immovable milestones that forces you to train. You know it is coming and there’s nothing you can do but get ready. Of course it really isn't the end of the season - far from it. Spoiled by the fantastic July weather, we’ve been suffering a bit lately with heat and humidity. The coming of fall is a big relief and makes for great riding weather AND there’s still two big local rides - Springbike’s Fall Metric and the Tour de Bass. Before you know it, the Holiday Season will be upon us complete with parties and an official launching of 2015 by the Springbike New Year’s day Ride.   Well, maybe... You should all know that none of these rides just happens. It takes a coordinated effort of planning and follow-through.    And it all starts with a dedicated group of volunteers headed by the Springbike Board of Directors. The Board is guided by a President whose biggest job is to keep the Club moving forward. Fall also means that it's time to find replacements for some of our officers - not all by any means. Our Vice-President Bill Alter (and others) are staying on, and Bill, along with the other board members will make it easier than you might think for a new President. Our current President Tony Miller has been at it now for two years and he has earned a well-deserved break. (I can attest as one of several other two-term Presidents.) In addition to Bill, Steve Raper and Patrick Tasset have agreed to continue as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. While not Officers, the Board also includes several other key positions. We also need to find replacements for Brandon Freeman who has served as Chair of the Membership Committee and Gary Ledford who is stepping back from some of his responsibilities as Ride Chairman.  He will continue to help out on marking routes, but needs someone to take over other aspects of this job.  Bruce Gravlin also would like to step back from serving as the editor of The Tube – the Springbike electronic newsletter.  These folks have done great work in their positions and have committed to assisting the new folks who volunteer to take on these roles.   Our By-laws require a Nominating Committee to nominate four officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, at the November meeting (which isn't far away.) Once elected the President with the concurrence of the other officers will appoint the Membership Chair and Ride Coordinator and Tube editor so will be looking for volunteers to serve in these roles.   We have a large membership of over 400 and none of us knows everybody. What I am asking you today is to step up on your own, or at least help us find some new officers for 2014. Yes, there is some work and time involved - but the rewards of a successful and safe riding 2015 will be the result.   So let’s get going – the CLUB NEEDS YOU.  If you are interested in learning more about these positions, contact the incumbents via their links on the Springbike web site. Sincerely, Dave Christiano
   (Thanks to Bill A. for the input and editing)

Springbike’s first meeting of the Fall, 2014

On October 13 at the Springfield Brewing Company. Details coming...

Springbike Social Networking Update

Perhaps you know we've had a growing Facebook presence for a while. Just look for Springbikeclub. Although we also have a Twitter account, it hasn't had very much activity. So... perhaps a little promotion is in order. How about a few pertinent Twitter hashtags.

Want to alert Springbike members of a dog to watch out for? Lets use the hashtag #sb_dog - and if you want to alert Springbike members of a road closing, bad pavement, detour, etc. Lets use the hashtag #sb_road

Let's see if it catches on...

Important! - Ride changes for 2014. (It’s a lot but please read on...)

Based upon the membership survey that was recently conducted in which the biggest reason given for joining was the major rides (New Year’s, Superbowl, St Pat’s, Chili, Dogwood, Queen City and Fall Metric), as well as the number of riders that have been participating, the Board of Directors for Springbike is making some changes for the upcoming year regarding these 3 major rides: Chili Ride, Dogwood and Fall Metric. These changes include:  

No manned Rest Stops. The survey results indicated a majority wanted these rides to be Show & Go rides, like the New Year’s Day, Superbowl and St. Pat’s Rides, which do not have manned rest stops. Since most rest stop locations were at Convenience Stores on these three rides, just remember to pack some money if you want a Gatorade and/or a snack.  

Likewise, Mechanical and Roving SAG have been eliminated. We will continue to have an Emergency SAG driver who will be stationed at one of the old rest stops making it relatively easy to go and pick up any cyclist who, for whatever reason, decides he/she cannot finish the ride and needs to be returned to the start. Keep in mind that with only one such driver, you may have to wait a little while until he/she can get to you, but it beats having to call your spouse to come and get you. We will no longer have Sunshine and A&B Cycles at the start and along the routes.  

We have changed the cost for the rides. We have lowered the cost of the Chili ride to $5 (from $10). We will continue to have the chili lunch afterwards, but are trying to make it more of a contest with 1st Prize being $50, 2nd being $25 and 3rd being $15. Stick around afterwards and sample all of the chili while visiting with your fellow cyclists at the start of a new season. The Dogwood is now a member’s only ride and is FREE. The cookout afterwards will still happen, enjoy it if you want. The Fall Metric has been member’s only and it too is now FREE and includes the cookout afterward. Some members wanted to drop the meals all together and be free, while others wanted to keep them. This hopefully is the best of both.  

None of these changes affect the Queen City which will continue to be a fully supported ride with manned rest stops and SAG drivers as well as the mechanical SAG provided by the bike shops. We are exploring ways to try and make the Queen City a much larger ride, but it won’t happen overnight or without your support.  

Another change, well actually addition this year, which should help address some of the comments made in the survey regarding beginner riders, is that Sunshine Bike Shop will be hosting a Third Thursday Ride each month, obviously on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Anyone is welcome, but it is designed for new, beginner riders. It will leave from Sunshine Bike Shop after they close at 6 PM and will follow Springfield Bike Routes down to the Galloway Trail and then out to the old iron bridge. For the return trip, they can just reverse it, or as they become more accustomed to riding on the road, they can follow Springfield Bike routes up Brunswick, Gasconade and Ingram Mill.  Roundtrip is 12.5 miles.  A&B Cycles is considering a similar ride perhaps starting from the South Creek Trailhead at National and Sunset where they can have their SAG van. In both cases, someone new to cycling can be sure air is in the tires and if needed, someone can show them how to change a tube when it becomes necessary.  

Family oriented rides will have an opportunity this year as well. One of our members is willing to lead a Tuesday night north Family Ride once a month, the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Tuesday Night North leaves from Pleasant View School at FR 171 and AA and goes to Strafford and back. He already does a shortened version of that, leading his grandchildren and has offered to have other families join him, whether you are pulling a trailer, a tag-a-long or have kids riding their own bikes. This ride will be 6-8 miles long and will start in May. Afterwards, the kids can play a little on the playground equipment at the school.  

Speaking of beginner rides, we always need volunteers willing to take a little more time from their ride to ride with new riders/new members (who may be new to the area). If you regularly ride one of the weeknight rides, would you be willing to be a ride leader? All that it takes is 4 people for each night taking turns, one week a month and we can be sure that any new rider can learn the route, maybe pick up a few tips and have a great experience riding around the Queen City. You can volunteer on the website under the volunteer tab. 

Route Maps and Planning your Rides

We’ve had a web page for route planning with maps for a long time (hidden under
the Special Interest Tab above), but Ozark Greenways has put up a new web site, LetsGoSmart.org that really does have great up-to-date information.

A new order of Springbike Jerseys is in stock.

The following Springbike jerseys are available: Male 2-Large; 5-Medium; 2-Small Female 3-Medium; 1-Small   They are available for purchase ($40 each).  Contact Bill Alter, , cell 861-3822. We may place an order for jerseys in the fall.  If you are interested in ordering one, please contact Bill. (Prices may be higher).

Want to re-ride some of our recent event routes?

Go to our Rides Archives Page. . here you’ll find the maps, cue sheets, and .gpx files. We can’t say that the road markings are all still there but you will have the cue sheets and maps.

Join the Springbike Online Web Forums!

This is a protected part of the Springbike web site in which members can read and post messages. You can see the Forum Access as the last menu on the right side of the Springbike Home Page. Please read on before you try it.

There are two sets of userna.m.e/password to maintain site security, minimize spam, and limit postings to members only.

The first set is for the Forum page access (protected by the web site host security). It is the same for everyone and simply grants access to the Forum web pages. Each member should have received this username and password by email. (If you haven't, please send an email to me or call me at 887-6235.)

After you click on Forums on the menu above, you will be prompted by your browser for this username and password. Generally, web browsers will “remember” this combination (if you let them). This then takes you go to the main Forum page and you can view all the posts. This first username/password is the prime protection against hackers.

To actively participate in the forums (by posting messages) you must register as a Springbike member. You will have to agree to a fairly standard set of policy terms and conditions. Assuming you agree, you will then be presented with a form to fill in your email address, User Name and password. This second username/password accesses the Forum software – it will be selected by each user during the registration process. The email address should be the same one you supplied to Springbike when you joined or last renewed. Other information is optional including one of 300 “Avatars” (like a personal logo) that accompanies any postings you make.

Your User Name should be something that you can be identified with. For instance you may use something like the bike your ride, part or all of your name, your initials, or your occupation. Be creative! Once you have registered, we will verify your email address. Then you will receive an email and you can actively post to The Forums. Obviously the main criteria is that you are a current member of Springbike.

The initial Forums are:  
I.   General Information and forum Rules:  
II.  Cycling Categories:  
  a.   Advocacy
  b.   Rides
  c.   Riding Conditions/Roads/Dogs
  d.   Meetings/Seminars/Courses
  e.   Mountain Biking
  f.   Lost and Found

We can add many more categories whenever the membership wants to. As always, this is a work in progress. We won’t get everything right at the start, but we’ll do our best to make the Forums useful and informative for the members. I am often at home and would be happy to walk any member through the process. You can call me at 887-6235. The Forum software is “Snitz Forums 2000” and is a freeware product supported by a group of talented volunteers. You can see information on the software at    http://forum.snitz.com   Dave C.

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