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Tandems, sometimes called “Long Bike or Bicycle built for two.”
The Springfield area is starting to see a lot more of them no matter what you choose to call them.
My first tandem ride was on an MS 150 bike ride. My good friend Bob Scott and his wife rode one and at the Sunday morning breakfast Bob asked if I had ever thought about riding a tandem some time. I said sure sometime, he asked what about today.
Janet was not feeling good and I could ride in her place. That started my tandem riding and from there it has grown to include several trips to HHH 100 on tandem. After some coaching and thinking I took the front and soon Bob and I would trade off at the helm.
John White and Wife Jean

One day I bought that same old tandem back and soon began to ride it with my wife Jean. After a summer of riding she decided that we needed a newer tandem. We found a Burley that was the last one in stock at Sunshine Bike Shop.
Well that was over 3 years ago and we have had nothing but good times on the tandem.
We got to enjoy riding together more and more Then last summer we went on a Tandem Rally with two other couples.
What a great time to be around 38 other couples on tandems. We had already gotten a few couples together and have decided to call ourselves the Springfield Tandem Club. We met 5 times last summer .
We will be getting together soon so if you have a tandem bike and want to get out with us sometime keep in touch.
Check the Springbike Calendar Page for Tandem Ride information.

John White

May Local Tandem Ride



At speed

Southwest Tandem Rally 2010  

Well we all started out at 6am from Springfield and headed west on I-44. Down thru OK and then we headed south to warmer weather in TX. Bill & Becky Scorse, Ed & Liz Stevens & John & Jean White all got to Paris TX around 1pm and began checking in at the Holiday Inn. After a short rain shower we unloaded all the bikes and joined in with several other tandem couples to explore the roads southeast of Paris.   The Friday afternoon ride was good to get our legs woke up after the 6 hour ride in the car and gave us all a chance to check out the bikes. We did of course stop at the pavilion and have ice cream. Riding does have it rewards. The 30 miles was a nice ride and the trail coming back in was beautiful.   Friday night we enjoyed the social hour and hor d'oeuvres at the Love Civic Center. We walked in and started meeting several of the other 86 tandem couples that were there. Then I looked off to the left and there stands Tommy Freeman with his wife Rene. Wow, drive all the way to Texas and you see more Springfield couples. We talked for awhile and then we all moved to the Dinner buffet and enjoyed a great BBQ dinner with friends.   Friday night brought in more storms but by morning everything had moved out of Paris and we started out with 85 other bikes for a great day of riding. Good roads and great weather made for wonderful riding. On some of the rolling hills that we found the Missouri couples had to show the Texas couples how to handle hills. We caught up to Ed & Liz just before the routes all split up at the 26 mile rest stop. They took the 58 mile route back to the Civic Center while we and 5 other bikes ventured out onto the long route for a 78 mile day.   We did have a nice Texas crosswind to deal with but the ride was great. We rode for a bit with couple that drove down from Ontario Canada for the ride, neat couple.  We got back to the lunch stop which seemed a long way in time to enjoy Subway sandwiches and cookies. Saturday night we enjoyed another night of food and more visiting with other tandem couples from the Midwest. More good food and door prizes to give away. The DATES from Dallas got several bike shops to help out with this.   One more day of riding and then back to Springfield. We left out from the Civic Center again with about 25 bikes or so to explore the road farther south this time. Good riding again with more wind. Wow it can blow down here and the roads today were like glued down base rock. But the weather was good again so after we turned away from the wind and smoother roads it was ok. We got hooked with some folks from the Dallas area again and we just cruised back to Paris with a total of 25 miles today. Time to pack up and head for Springfield.   This is our 2nd tandem rally that we have been to and the people you meet are awesome plus you get to ride on new routes.   You should make an effort to attend a rally sometime.   John  

Pictures coming soon.

   Pictures from our “Tandem Rally”

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